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Excellence In Music Production & Tuition

Audiostar Academy has been in business for nearly 5 years now  & has taught over  1000+ students. Not only has the business made a mark in Melbourne and taught “producers” who are now on an international scale, students from all over Australia including Darwin, Adelaide, Sydney & Queensland are regular clients.
This is a beginners/intermediate Ableton course and can be taught to ages 14 and above. First we show you how to get creative with your clips in session mode. Bit by bit we walk you through each step, so by the end you’ll be arranging and producing your very own tracks as well as remixing and mashing up other artists. We also go through routing around Ableton as well as mangling beats and using Ableton’s unique FX, instrument system and third party software.

Learn Ableton Live 9

If you are 13+ and want to start turning those ideas you have into music. this course is for you!

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